Biology and control of vector mosquitoes, cockroaches and housefly

Over the years, VCRU has been conducting research projects to examine and understand the biology and control of mosquitoes, cockroaches, and flies.

Our research areas list:

Biology and control of vector mosquitoes

  • Systematic and ecology of Aedes sp, Culex sp, Anopheles sp., and Mansonia mosquitoes.
  • Screening novel formulated insecticides (adulticides and larvicides), insect growth regulators (IGRs), attractants, and repellents against Aedes sp., Culex sp., Anopheles sp. mosquitoes.
  • Integrated control approaches through the combination of chemical, biological agents, and other control approaches for the control of mosquitoes.
  • Efficacy and performance of space spray (ULV/thermal fogging) machines.
  • Molecular studies on the resistance of vector mosquitoes against insecticide and parasitic infection.
  • Sublethal effects of space spray and household insecticide products in vector mosquitoes.
  • Biochemical studies on insecticide resistance (baseline level and resistance mechanisms especially elevated esterases) in vector mosquitoes.

Biology and control of vector cockroach

  • Survey of domiciliary cockroach population in Northern Malaysia.
  • Insecticide resistance (baseline level, resistance mechanisms, and gene frequency estimates) in the German cockroach from hotel, restaurant, and food industries in Malaysia.
  • Screening of novel insecticides (baits and residual insecticides) for cockroaches.
  • Ecology or peridomestic cockroaches in Northern Peninsular Malaysia.
  • Impact of sanitation on the cockroach population in households.

Household insecticides

  • Laboratory and field bio-efficacy testing of new formulations of household insecticide products (mosquito coil, aerosol, mat, and liquid vaporizer).
  • Product development and quality control of common household insecticide products.


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