History of VCRU

Our history, our story


The School of Biological Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM), Penang was established in 1969.


A group of lecturers from the School of Biological Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) has been actively conducting research activities on vector biology and control especially those of mosquitoes and urban insect pests since 1972.


A series of field efficacy against common species of mosquitoes indoors and outdoors has been conducted by Vector Control Research Project (VCRP), USM. VCRP has received more than 100 research grants from a governmental and international organisations such as World Health Organization (WHO) and multinational pesticide industries.

1 October 1991. 

USM established a separate entity for the research group and named it the VECTOR CONTROL RESEARCH UNIT (VCRU) under the School of Biological Sciences at the Penang campus, USM. VCRU was established on 1 October 1991 in recognition of the research and training activities following the WHO guideline developed by World Health Organization.

April 1993. 

The WHO project (Insecticide Resistance Monitoring) was initiated in April 1993. Since 1993, the WHO Test kits have been supplied and dispatched from VCRU, USM, Penang, Malaysia.

12 September 2017. 

VCRU is accredited under MS ISO/IEC 17025, Laboratory Accreditation Scheme of Malaysia by the Department of Standard Malaysia.

22 July 2019. 

VCRU is certified with the OECD-GLP quality system by the Department of Standard Malaysia.

We celebrate our past with enormous pride, but our research will never stand still. Ours is a story still being written. 


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